The practice

Our daily practice is to connect with each other on the level of our hearts, and our love, to deeply anchor these commands into our chests, and deeper into our subconscious minds. We heart-feel 12 repetitions of each of the 8 commands, with passionate intensity, each and every day. We do this consistently over time, beginning with a period of 120 days.

As we speak the commands, we use a simple and powerful method to work them deeply into our bodies, hearts, and emotional centers. In addition, we take deep breaths each day, write our gratitude, and do our best to take all the inspired actions necessary to fulfill our clearest visions and purpose in life.

This practice deeply plants these potent and powerful commands into our minds and bodies. We are deliberately holding these thoughts so deeply and powerfully in our hearts, bodies, and minds -- that they literally rewrite and recondition our subconscious minds. The inner pictures of who we are changes and transforms from within. They become our living realities. We become the greatest versions of ourselves. In short, we become unstoppable forces of love and abundance in this world.

Doing this practice for 120 days can seem like a daunting task. But here is the truth: Either we are consciously choosing what we think and feel, or by default, allowing our thoughts and feelings to be dictated by our conditioning, society, and our present circumstances. It is truly up to us, and there really is no way to change anything until we dig deep and change our thoughts, and change them permanently.

We create and sustain a millionaire and billionaire mind and life by heart-anchoring these commands into the center of our spiritual chests on an energetic level. These are living realities. Again -- these commands are designed to be spoken, felt, and repeated together in a deliberately created heart-space of love.

1. The Oneness Command

With this command, we will cultivate an organic awareness of our unity with the divine universe. We realize that all the joy, love, energy and abundance of the whole universe is inside US. So we begin from a place of unlimited spiritual wealth.

For the most part, we are beggars sitting on top of goldmines. With the continued repetition and heart-anchoring of this command, we begin to see how immensely wealthy we are. We are wealthy in thought, in energy, in emotion, in joy, in love, in gratitude.

As we begin to look within and discover the universe unfolding through our human chests, we relax more, take it easy, smile, and know how wealthy we already are.

2. The Self-Love Command

By breathing open our hearts and anchoring this reality into our chest, we will superconsciously love ourselves in a deep level that both transcends and encompasses our conscious awareness.

The benefits of a deep, profound, and genuine love for ourselves is immense. Without a deep love for ourselves, we can never really experience much success or happiness at all -- and any joy we do experience will be fleeting because we won't feel like we deserve it.

All life-sustaining success, wealth, abundance, and happiness has, at it's foundation, a deep and abiding love for ourselves. With this command, we can begin to love ourselves from a subconscious level. As this command gets rooted deeper and deeper into our neurology, we will find that loving ourselves will become come more natural and effortless.

3. The Gratitude, Relaxation, And Freedom Command

Instead of forcing ourselves to think about being grateful, we can drop a subconscious program of gratitude into the living vibrancy of our heart-centers. Gratitude will become automatic, natural, and effortless.

We can train and teach our bodies to relax deeply, and to rest in the freedom of who we are. With the continued anchoring and repetition of this beautiful, simple command -- we will find ourselves calmer, more relaxed, and more grateful by the day.

4. The Money Magnetizing Command

With this most beautiful heart-command, the center of our spiritual chests will draw into and through our lives flows of money that are vibrating with love, joy, and gratitude. This foundational command will lay the groundwork for command #7.

This command, as in all the others, will seep and root into our bodies and minds with continued heart-tapping and repetition over time. We will find that our hearts naturally magnetize more and more money to us. Stress and "hard work" in the traditional sense of the words will be things of the past. Instead, we will find that we make more money by relaxing, imagining, letting-go, and then taking whatever actions we need to take.

Instead of chasing money, money will naturally gravitate to and through us.

5. The Divine Help and Inspired Ideas Command

We will open up in a deep, primal way to receive -- through our intuitive hearts -- the divine help, ideas and breakthroughs that will make a huge difference in the quality of all life everywhere. The asking for, and receiving of this help, will become natural, graceful, and automatic.

We will feel how truly supported we are on the levels of the unseen. Resources, connections, synchronicites, miracles -- will all begin to show up more effortlessly. An overflowing abundance of this help will always be rising up and flowing through us. These ideas can and will make a huge positive difference in the lives of others and ourselves.

6. The Massive Action Command

Instead of forcing, rushing, controlling, and manipulating -- we will act with relaxed faith, trust, and genuine love upon all our inspired ideas to witness our clearest visions manifest.

We will begin to automatically take relaxed, inspired, persistent, and massive action to fulfill our deepest purpose in life. This doesn't necessarily mean long, arduous, and painful hours at work. It does mean to take calm, purposeful action each day that leads to unstoppable momentum.

7. The Millions Manifested Command

This command is written as a memory from the future, totally fulfilled, but living in our bodies and minds today. We will constantly be tuning and re-tuning our energetic frequency to that of a calm, relaxed, and peaceful millionaire. We will literally breathe millions through our lives, and have millions to both enjoy and share with others.

8. The Releasing Money Command

This is the affluence command. The word "affluence" means to be in the flow, and releasing money with love is the best way to get that flow going. With this command, we are infusing a powerful intention of love and service into all the money that flows through us -- so as to help uplift the world's money supply. As we give, we find out who we are. Giving just feels so incredibly good.


This is a long-term process. Every day, we go deeper and persistently, repeatedly, passionately, joyously, and tenaciously anchor these commands into the center of our spiritual chests on an emotional and energetic level. Every day, we heart-feel each and every one of them 12 times each. If we miss a day, we always get back up and start again. We are worth the time it takes to anchor these commands permanently into our hearts, bodies, and minds.

The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is a book that connects hearts and minds for the purpose of creating and channeling massive abundance to serve the highest and greatest good of all life on this planet. We do this by consistently getting together in person or in spirit to tap and anchor the 8 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire into our intuitive energetic heart-centers. This work feels amazing, cultivates deep states of connected bliss, and accelerates our paths of success, affluence, and abundance.

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