How to re-wire the brain for unlimited abundance in all areas of our lives by unleashing the endless reservoir of wisdom, energy, and love within our energetic heart-fields. Now we can get there faster, with more ease, and feel incredibly good along the way.

A Message Of Love To My Fellow Humans

by Danny Peebles

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I am so honored and grateful to be here typing these words. It is such a privilege to share this incredible discovery with you. We may never meet, but I truly hope you feel the warm waves of gratitude, love, and joy that I am broadcasting through my wide open heart.

My name is Danny, and I am 50 years of age – half way through my life.

To give you a little background...

As a kid I grew up in what could only be described as a battlefield of addiction, violence, pain, and despair. I became addicted to drugs at age 8 because they helped me escape the pain. I used pretty much continuously throughout my teenage years.

Life as a kid was really hard. From the pain of seeing my family members beat others and get beaten, to many years of blackout drinking, to the shock and horror of my brother dying, and to the several years of wanting more than ever to stop.

I finally made it out of the fog at age 19 when I found 12 step meetings. From there, my life unfolded. I got through college and law school. Started a practice. Got married. Adopted several children. Went through many struggling years parenting special needs kids. Then later went through the pain of a divorce, and found myself living in a mountain community in Southern California.

Throughout the last few decades, I have studied anything I can get my hands on to help me grow as a human being and manifest abundance with more clarity, ease, and joy. From Reiki to Hypnotherapy to Meditation to Energy Psychology – I have been there.

For quite a long time I have been fascinated with the heart-center – that vortex of energy and wisdom in our chest.

But it wasn’t until 2013 when that divine storm came crashing through my life, pretty much wiping everything away, that I really got it. There is something about all that emotional pain that seemed to be a nice kick in the fanny to help me see the true wisdom and value of the heart.

For the longest time, I tried to reprogram my brain using my brain alone, but doing that seemed to take me in loops. I would always hit that brick wall.

We cannot think our ways to new thinking – we have to feel our way there.

As I dove deeper, I discovered so much about the power of the intuitive energetic heart…

I realized that the heart and the brain are designed to work together as a living unit of brilliant creativity and purpose.

I found out that my brain can really take off and perform much better with the loving energy of the heart supporting it.

I discovered that the heart is the brain’s built in healer, confidant, muse, and greatest ally.

What blew me away the most was that I could drop into my heart and speak truths and affirmations with the voice of feeling and vibration – and this directly transforms the subconscious mind with way less effort.

Then in the fall of 2015… from what seemed like out of the blue… in the span of about 2 weeks…

The 12 Heart-Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire came rolling out of me, almost effortlessly, just like a gentle flood of joy. I further discovered a very simple way to implant and vibrate them from inside the feeling centers of the energetic heart-field.

After I published the first draft, a dear friend of mine and eco-preneur, Violeta Villacorta, came across the book and told me how much she loved it.

So we got together and began tapping our chests and repeating the 12 commands together. We would first state the intention of calling in our higher selves and all beings in the universe who vibrate at the frequency of pure love. Then we would repeat and feel the commands.

The first thing we discovered was how incredibly good it felt to connect our heart-fields on an energetic level and repeat, feel, and vibrate the commands. We felt so much positive energy flooding our minds and bodies.

It’s like we were bathing in a larger field of energy, love, and even bliss.

It soon became so clear to me that these 12 commands were born with the divine purpose of repeating and feeling them together with another person in a sacred space of love.

That is where the magic is.

And now it’s time for it to grow.

The 12 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire are here to help us co-create a new energetic global economy based in love, joy, and gratitude. The planet needs our highest wisdom and love right now.

It is time.

This stuff has been life changing for me, and hopefully it will be for you as well.

You can work with me in several ways…

First, grab a copy of the book and get to tapping these commands. The book will show you more about heart-commands, how to breathe abundance through your heart-center, how to feel the entire universe unfolding through you, how to bring forth amazing ideas to shift your life and the lives of others, and so much more. It is so much more than words on a page

Better yet, get together with a friend and heart-tap the commands together. Discover for yourself how amazing and good it feels to connect, heart to heart, around manifesting true abundance for the greater good.

Second, book a heart-tapping session with me. I am here for you, and also here to help your business, company, or organization grow with these potent energetic commands.

So there you go! This concludes my letter…

Thank you so much for living, for breathing, for being here!

I love you,


The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is a book that connects hearts and minds for the purpose of creating and channeling massive abundance to serve the highest and greatest good of all life on this planet. We do this by getting together in person or in spirit to tap and anchor the 12 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire into our intuitive energetic heart-centers. This work feels amazing, cultivates deep states of connected bliss, and accelerates our paths of success, affluence, and abundance.

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You are welcome to join us and discover untold wealth, joy, and energy when you tap into and unleash the magnificent manifesting power within the center of your resplendent heart.

The 1st Heart-Command --

"As an Infinite Spiritual Being, this entire universe of joy, love, energy, and abundance is unfolding within and through me -- right here and now. In this awakening, I am rich within and beyond all measure, time, and form."

In this first command, we are anchoring the living realization of our oneness with the universe and all that is -- inside our chest, emotions, cells, and atoms. The practice is to repeatedly and persistently drop, feel, and vibrate this command from the center of our chests over time.

Then it will become an automatic program operating in your heart and subconscious mind all the time.

When you are sleeping, waking, working, loving, or playing -- this organic awakening of the universe unfolding through you -- will continue to unfold into perfect realization.

This command is intentionally infused with life force energy, for the immediate benefit of all who work with it in this deep way.

To work with this command on your own, do this:

1. Call in your higher self and the higher self of anyone and everyone who ever repeats this command in any moment in time.

2. Take a moment or two and breathe deeply, passionately, and continuously.

3. Tap your chest in a rhythmic manner with an open hand as you deeply, emotionally, and passionately speak, feel, and vibrate the above command from the center of your heart-field.

4. Speak it aloud 12 times.

5. Speak it in a whisper 12 times.

6. Speak it silently from the heart 12 times.

7. Keep cranking up your emotional and passionate intensity while keeping your body totally relaxed.

8. Afterward, rest in silence and enjoy this state of heart-connected bliss with everyone repeating this command.

Keep coming back again and again to repeat the command. Persistent, spaced repetition with feeling and passion over time is essential to feel and know yourself as the divine universe unfolding through form.

As Rumi stated, you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop. The whole universe is encased, encoded, and enfolded within us.

You are the goldmine you seek.

You are rich beyond all measure.

The whole universe is encased, encoded, and enfolded within you and as you.

If you can ***GET*** this command on the deepest emotional, cellular, and spiritual level of your heart and body, then you won't need the 11 remaining commands.

You can get the other 11 commands if you want to by getting the book -- but this command alone -- fully realized -- will produce untold happiness, health, wealth, and joy.