Now you can be, awaken, embody, and express your unique, spiritual and creative power - and make massive amounts of joy-rich money in the process - on your own terms - and all while feeling incredibly happy, good, blissful, and connected along the way.

Now you can access the power of love inside you to such a magnitude, as to manifest and reach any goal, create and fulfill any vision, and make the massive positive impact on the world that you are here to make!

The biggest question for you, (and all of us) is this: Will you? The journey from CAN to WILL is a powerful decision, a command of the heart. This letter, I now declare and intend, will help you build a powerful bridge of love between your can (potential) and your will (results)

A Message Of Love To All Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Visionaires, Doers, Change-Makers, And Lovers Of Life And The Planet.

by Danny Peebles

-- Hey! Thank you for showing up! Thank you for being here! My name is Danny, and I am feeling so many warm waves of gratitude flood through me for the sheer honor and privilege of sharing this simple, profound, and truly life-changing information with you. Even if all you do is read these words, I am so incredibly grateful!

-- I invite you to take several long, deep, and slow breaths. All the way in. And all the way out. That’s great. Keep going. Breathe deeper than you ever have before!

-- Read this letter carefully, not only with your head, but also with your heart. It’s a little long, but I am truly loading this page with massive amounts of energy and information

-- So by just reading it, you can take any piece of information presented, and change your life forever.

-- But first, let me give you a little peak into my heart, and my history…


It was the summer of 1986, and a few buddies and myself (I was 18) decided to go out into a wilderness area of huge boulders outside Canon City Colorado to get wasted.

We brought several bottles of whiskey and enough weed to keep us happy. As we began, and continued to slam the booze, we got really aggressive with each other. Sparring. Kicking. Punching. Chasing each other. Throwing rocks.

At one point, we gathered around the campfire.

For some reason or another, we got on the topic of the future. We asked each other, if we could have anything we want, what would it be? The answers around the campfire were typical. Cars. Mansions. Girls.

When my turn came around, I said, “I want to be TOTALLY clean and sober, and live the rest of my life that way.”

Blank stares.

My friends didn’t get me.

But it was true. I deeply, badly, intensely desired and daily dreamed of the day when I was clean and sober, where I didn’t have to get drunk, stoned, and high all the time. I felt like a slave.

We got drunker.

As the night wore on, we also got crazier and crazier, as we got drunker and drunker. At one point, I sat down to catch my breath. Then someone came along and smacked me on the head. I got up to chase them, and the top of my body went way faster than my legs could carry me and…


I fell, face first, onto the rocks. I was too drunk to put my hands up and break my fall, so my head hit the rocks at full speed.

I started screaming, crying, bawling – all the pain and frustration from my whole short life came gushing out. My friends took me to my brother, and I kept wailing and crying and screaming until I lost my voice. After a long time, my brother calmed me down enough to try to sleep.

I began hallucinating. I saw snakes that weren’t there. I was coming totally unglued. Later in the night, I put a piece of toast in the toaster. It was one of those toasters that always stick, and I was too drunk to remember that crucial fact.

With one second to spare, my brother came out and took the toast out, right as the toaster was lighting the curtains on fire.

I almost killed myself, my brother, and his fiancé.

The next morning, I was looking at my bloodied face in the mirror. I had this moment of pure and utter clarity: I had a major problem, and I needed help.

Within two years, my deep and burning desire to be clean and sober, led me to the people and the groups to help me get there. With the unconditional love I found in those meetings, I was able to bridge the gap between desire and fulfillment.

I had actually used and abused drugs and alcohol from age 8 to age 19. The pain of my childhood was too much to bear. The cloud of pot smoke and the oblivion of alcohol gave me the escape I needed. Until it was too much to bear.

I have been clean and sober since February 18, 1987.

I share the above story to say that, often the deepest meanings and truth come out of our most painful experiences. Pain is the pressure cooker that many times, brings forth our greatest treasures.

I truly feel that my heart and mind has been forged in the fires of Mount Doom!

The courage of that young man to tell his drunken friends that he wanted to be clean and sober above all else, led me to the person I am writing these words. He gave birth to me, and to him, I say, thank you, and I love you.


Once I became clean and sober, all my potential began to blossom. I got through college, law school, and built a thriving practice helping thousands of people get through the criminal justice system. Simultaneously, I studied hypnotherapy, energy work, meditation -- ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I could sink my teeth into.

It was like I was on a dual track, 1) practicing law, and 2) deeply and intensely studying the mind, and the principles and science of success.

In my 30s I was making massive amounts of money each year as an attorney, but working 14 hour days and spending all my time in the car going to court, I kept wondering if there just had to be a better way!

That wondering led to an obsession!

There had to be a way to make a lot of money the happy way and free way -- all with a sense of overflowing love and connection, so that the very process of making the money compels me to grow by leaps and bounds…

I mean -- I did it the stressful way. I already knew what that was like. And I have many mistakes etched on the belt of my life to prove it...

Case in point

Or should I say, massive and expensive mistake in point..

Midway through my lawyering career, I became interested in real estate. I answered an ad in the Kansas City Star, and paid $195.00 to attend a weekend seminar on real estate investing.

I was super excited.

During the weekend, the star speaker and real estate investment genius, flew in on his private jet to give his speech. Throughout his speech, he complained of his ill-health and failing heart. He was very irritable. He looked pail. I literally thought he would drop dead on the stage! Other than that, all he spoke about was money.

Money only.

Nothing about gratitude, joy, giving, service..

Just money.

After spending another 5 grand, and taking a three day trip to Vegas only find more of the same -- I emerged with a powerful lesson that is etched in my heart:

If making millions of dollars means focusing only on money for the sake of hoarding it, without any genuine focus on love, joy, gratitude, or service - then I would rather not have millions of dollars. I have to cultivate my highest happiness along the way.

This, in no way, is meant to disparage the real estate investment education industry. So many people do amazing work in that field. It's just that the consciousness of grabbing and grasping is not for me -- and perhaps not for you, either.


So after years of hammering the pavement, after years of practicing law in the trenches, after years of making mistakes, after years of intense parenting special needs children, after years of study into hypnosis and energy healing, after several more shatters of my heart, after a divorce, after many countless hours of deep and cathartic breathwork, after clearing so much debris from my mind and body, after making a lot of money, after having no money, after a bankruptcy, I came to the point where…

The heart-commands just came rolling right out of me, like a joyous, gentle flood.

The intense happiness and gratitude I felt in watching this material manifest through me was indescribable. Even though I literally had no money, I felt the happier and more abundant than at any prior time in my life.

Along with the heart-commands came a simple and very profound way to implant them into the chest, and into the subconscious mind.

For two years, I practiced, tinkered, tested, shared, modified, and condensed them. It was like universal energy came flooding through the caverns and alleyways created by all my life experience, training, study – leaving these beautiful, shining, incredible nuggets that I call The 8 Commands Of The Heart Inspired Millionaire.

I got together with a friend and tapped the commands into our hearts – and discovered the power of doing this in an intentional field of heart-coherence and connection. It feels so incredibly good to join with another person and do this work!

These 8 Commands, or programs for the human heart-field and subconscious mind, represent a refreshing blueprint regarding the flow of money and abundance through our lives

Command #3 -- injects a continuous attitude and consciousness of gratitude, relaxation, and freedom in your every cell and thought. Gratitude will become natural and automatic.

Command #1 -- plants a deep and profound knowing of your oneness with the divine universe into your body and mind, and awakens an awareness of how rich you already are.

Command #2 -- awakens and activates a spiritual and energetic flow of self love through your mind and body in all moments. From the foundation of genuine self-love, the many floods of wealth and abundance are unleashed.

Command #4 -- drops a program of magnetizing money to and through you that vibrates in love, joy, and gratitude.

Command #5 -- opens you up to receive an overflowing abundance of divine help and inspired ideas to make a massive difference in your life and the world.

Command #8 -- imprints a powerful intention of love and service onto the flow of money as it is released from your care to serve the greatest good of all life.

Command #6 -- awakens the power of taking massive, inspired, persistent, and relaxed action to carry your dreams into form.

Command #7 -- anchors a future memory of breathing millions, having millions, enjoying, and sharing millions of dollars in a genuine generosity of spirit.


Everyone who gets the book and intentionally joins this mastermind of the heart and spirit – all have different interests, vocations, jobs, dreams, politics, religions, paths, and businesses.

These commands work to build the consciousness of a heart-inspired millionaire in any industry: direct sales, real estate, network marketing, insurance, sales, accounting, lawyering, book sales, energy work, artists, musicians, actors…

With all their diversity, most all heart-inspired millionaires have three predominant characteristics in common:

1--An overriding belief, faith in, and commitment to increase the power of love in this world. Not love in a limited personality sense, but love in an energetic, universal sense.

At the same—having this love grounded in the body, the heart, here and now, directly applied to our everyday lives and businesses. (Love)

2--A fierce commitment and tenacity to succeed in their own terms, in their own way, defying typical norms, attitudes, and old conditioning. (Autonomy)

3--A deep desire to serve and transform the lives of others and the planet in a deep, impactful, and meaningful way. (Giving)

The practice…

--Is to speak, feel, and vibrate these each of the 8 Commands from the center of your chest, 12 times each, every day, beginning with a period of 120 days.

--To feel into the energy field... and to connect on the level of the heart with everyone else, from all walks of life and professions, tapping and feeling these commands with you.

--To breathe deeply and powerfully, each and every day. There are specific breathing meditations to activate the heart and breathe abundance in all forms through your body, mind, and life.

--Write a little each day about what you are grateful for and what inspires you.

--and more…

As you deeply plant these commands into your chest, day in and day out, over time, you will build a living fortress of impenetrable, powerful, and abundant thoughts in your body, heart, and subconscious mind.

Every day in every way, you will feel better and better.

With time, you will open up to greater flows of money and abundance that feels so good to receive and give. You will feel connected to a larger community of hearts and minds – all beautiful souls who are invisibly speaking these commands with you.

Regardless of the business, profession, or calling you are in, regardless of your present circumstances…

If you GET the 8 commands planted deeply into your subconscious mind and body, then you can act, think, breathe, talk, and embody the life of a heart-inspired millionaire – earning, enjoying, sharing, giving millions – and all while feeling connected, alive, joyous, and downright blissful!

We GET to feel great, make more, give more, then we GET to feel even better, make even more, and give even more…
The 8 Commands Of The Heart Inspired Millionaire are thoughts we hold in the center of the chest -------> which are then planted in the subconscious mind -----> which then raise our energetic vibration of our bodies --------> and are impressed into the invisible substance of the divine universe ------> which in turn create physical reality.

Goals of this book

**To give you the most definite, simple, grounded, and enriching process that you have ever seen or experienced, to tap into and unleash the limitless power of your energetic heart-field…

**To provide you the Eight Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire along with a simple, profound method to anchor them inside your chest and body, and thus permanently rewrite your subconscious mind.

**All for the purpose of efficiently manifesting and achieving whatever visions, intentions, or goals that you may have regarding money, business, wealth, etc

**All while feeling incredibly good, more connected, and more creative than you ever have before.

**Giving you the ability to extend even more valuable and loving service to all life on this planet.

**And most importantly, ALL on your terms, in your own unique way, totally defying and transcending old conditioning that no longer serves you.

This isn’t fast food

It does involve---

1) IMMERSION – Really working these commands, cultivating them, nurturing them, digging them deeper and deeper into the heart-center over time. Reading the book while taking super deep breaths, at least 7 times.

2) FAITH AND PASSION – Only you can tap into and TURN UP these internal dials of intensity.

3) PERSISTENCE – Never giving up. Getting up when you fall. Keep getting up the next time and the next. Keep coming back to the heart and to the commands.

4) SELF-LOVE – Command #2 will help you build a powerful inner fortress of self-love, self-belief, self-confidence, self-compassion. This involves emotional work and courage.

5) ENTHUSIASM – Pouring all your spirit and sincerity into your work.

6) CREATIVITY – Thinking and feeling outside the box and churning your heart and mind for the inspired ideas to take your life to the next level and serve others more powerfully.

Ask yourself...

--Hand on heart.

--Deep breaths.

--Do I resonate with this?
--Is this for me?

In reflecting the two above questions, ponder these:

How many more precious moments of your life do you want to spend pounding the pavement of stress with the sledgehammer of frustration?
How much longer do you want to be a total slave to your own subconscious, negative, disempowering conditioning – or the conditioning you are bombarded with from the world?
Is NOW the time to completely rewrite, renovate, and remodel the living room of your subconscious mind?

Only you can answer these questions. No book, teacher, philosophy, path, or course can decide to change for you.

Only you can do that.

SO >>>>

--If this philosophy resonates with you...

--If this approach to money, wealth, and abundance feels right to you..

--Then I invite you to join me, now, in anchoring these commands into your heart and subconscious mind.

--Join countless others.

--Feel the connection.

--Become unstoppable in heart, momentum, love, and service.

I have published this book on my own terms

Accessing the energy and power of the heart to succeed on my own terms – that is the goal of this book. In this spirit, it is printed ON DEMAND, and NOT IN BULK.

--This is better for the environment, as many books are not sitting on shelves.

--So when a book is purchased, it is printed and shipped. (Or, a limited supply is kept in stock)

--Plus, each time any beautiful soul purchases this book, one tree is planted through the worldwide organization, WEFOREST.ORG

--With traditional publishers, I wouldn't have this flexibility.

--I am also sharing this work mostly through social media and word of heart and mouth. Please share this material if you feel inspired!

My 6 month guarantee

Get the book. Dive deep. Repeat and feel the commands with patient, loving, joyous tenacity. Give the commands TIME to work. You have 6 months to return the book for a full refund. All I ask is that you pay to ship it back.

Your investment in yourself

This book is more than a mere collection of words. It is an energetic space of love where you can connect with others. It is a 120 day workbook to totally transform your entire mind and life. For this reason, and from my heart, I am offering my book to you for $24 plus shipping. If you work with these commands for at least a year, which I highly recommend, then that investment comes to .08 cents a day. ($29.95 divided by 365) Considered in this light, the investment is definitely worth it.

But... keep in mind... before you decide to get this book... really plan to work these commands into your heart over time. The first three weeks are crucial. If you can hang in there, hold your head up, your heart open, and persist past any resistance -- your life will totally transform.

Thank you.... SO MUCH... for listening, for reading, and for being here.



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