Training & Resources To Create A Heart-Centered Millionaire Mind

Come join us and access the authentic power of your heart-field to create massive abundance to serve the greater good.

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I am so deeply honored, humbled, and grateful to share this space with you. Together we can create a millionaire mind that is truly driven by our deepest love.

Together, we have the privilege of energetically installing all 12 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire (and Billionaire) into the vibrant center of our chests. As these become subconscious, automatic programs operating in the background of our awareness -- we become unstoppable forces of good in the world.

How this book came to be

For the longest time, I just knew that there HAD TO BE a better way to engage the flow of abundance through my life. There had to be a way to give and receive money and abundance that didn't involve stress, agony, struggle, and pain.

There just had to be.

So I dug deep, researched, created audios, studied hypnosis, practiced meditation -- and dove head first into anything and everything I could find to REPROGRAM MY BRAIN and subconscious mind.


It was much harder than I thought because...

The brain reprogramming itself is a difficult and time consuming task. Because when the thinking brain thinks it has cancelled a negative belief -- it only thinks it has. So then...

I discovered the power of the heart-field, the heart-chakra, the intuitive energetic heart-center...

I found out that...

Rewriting the mind from the intuitive heart is easier, more joyous, and more efficient. With the love and support of the heart... the brain can get reprogrammed, loved, and cared for on a deep level...

So in the fall of 2015 -- through my open heart -- this material manifested itself.

It just came.

I sat on the banks of the river and watched it just flow through me.

And the gratitude and joy in witnessing this.... wow... I am so happy because this truly does represent a revolutionary way to manifest abundance that activates our love instead of suppressing it.

About this energy space of abundance

An energetic mastermind

We develop wealth consciousness and a healthy and vibrant millionaire mind by accessing heart-fields. The 12 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire (and billionaire) are living spiritual realities that we continuously and persistently drop and anchor into the center of our chest. The most beautiful part is that we do this together.

We are not alone.

We are joined with each other.

We are joined in the energy and consciousness of love.

So creating a millionaire mind (or billionaire mind) and life becomes an experience of heart-awakened joy as we do this together.

Further, these commands are infused life-force energy for the immediate benefit of everyone who repeats, feels, and vibrates them within the center of their chest.

Heart-inspired manifesting

The heart-center is an encapsulated powerhouse of energy that is hard-wired to this universe. If we can truly GET these commands into our heart-field - then the quantum field will shape itself to manifest this inner reality.

Our practice is to tune and fine tune our hearts vibrational frequency to the fully realized manifestation of each command. This does take a measure of patience and persistence, but the rewards are truly magnificent.

What the heart manifests will affirm life in all its forms.

So this is where we manifest sustainable abundance. This is where we create wealth with the intention of releasing it -- even before it arrives in our loving care. This is where we make love more potent, powerful, abundant, and visible on this planet. Our millionaire mind will be rooted in love, service, giving, and gratitude.

This is a wholly different experience in abundance

We are already one with all the abundance in the universe. So from this higher dimension of love, here is the QUEST:

Can we activate the energy of our heart-fields to magnetize, attract, and draw millions and even billions of joyous, luminous dollars through our lives for the higher purpose of serving the greater good? Starting with ourselves?

I say yes...


This is about SO MUCH MORE than creating millions or billions of dollars. It is about tapping into our supreme freedom... and vibrating from a state of superconscious gratitude.

...realizing the enormous joy of our spiritual unity with all that is.

...receiving and acting upon our inspiring ideas and breakthroughs.

...asking for help from our higher selves and the divine to fulfill our mission of love.

...taking aligned and relaxed action to manifest our heart's sweetest desires.

...and then releasing our light-vibrating abundance to serve the earth and all of life in truly magnificent ways...

What is the point of creating a millionaire mind... if that mind is not also driven by our love? Without love, all the money in the world will just make us internally poor. Why not be money-rich and emotionally and spiritually rich at the same time?

Are you tired of living small?

I know for me, I reached a point in my life where I just knew that I could not live small anymore. I knew that I had to truly GET these commands into my chest as my living reality. And I knew that it didn't matter how long it took. A sense of spiritual commitment took over my mind, body, heart, and emotions.

Is this for you?

**Do you KNOW that you are here to massively contribute, prosper, and live your life's purpose in a BIG way?

**Are you a closet creative genius?

**Are you a heart-based entrepreneur?

**Do you have that next breakthrough, invention, app, book, story, idea, plan -- that you know will make the world a better place to live?

**Are you tired of receiving money on frequencies of apathy, fear, and pain?

**Are you ready to create and sustain flows of money and abundance that vibrate in love, joy, and gratitude?

**Are you a lightworker, healer, divine lover, writer, poet, inventor?

**Do you believe that business should equally be committed serving the earth and the greater good?

**Are you a future millionaire or billionaire philanthropist who is helping this planet in a massive way?

**Do you have an overriding mission to bring more love to the planet?

**Do you believe you deserve to prosper -- or -- are you willing to do the work in believing you do?

This isn't fast food

Keep in mind that this is not a quick fix. You are not purchasing a millionaire mind at a fast food drive-thru. I mean, you can go to a "free" weekend seminar, end up spending thousands, and still be in the same place. Or you can get to work in tapping into the powerhouse of emotional health, wealth, and abundance that is already within you. ****Get it emotionally and you got it****

Doing this type of manifesting work takes persistence, patience, and tenacity.

Yes, doing heart-based work directly engages the universe.

Yes, it is faster than hammering away at your brain. At the same time...

It is a long-term commitment. So if this work speaks to you, then decide first to play the long game. A powerful long term decision makes all the difference!

The good news is that creating a millionaire and billionaire mind and life in this way is deeply fulfilling. It just feels good to tap into the chest on a daily basis. Our hearts want to help us manifest our sweetest desires.

If we let it.

The 12 Heart-Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire

We create and sustain a millionaire and billionaire mind and life by heart-anchoring these commands into the center of our spiritual chests on an energetic level. These are living realities. This is an energy space that we get to share, which makes this a very blissful experience.

1. The Oneness Command

With this command, we will cultivate an organic awareness of unity with the divine universe. We realize that all the joy, love, energy and abundance of the whole universe is inside US. So we begin from a place of unlimited spiritual wealth.

2. The Self-Love Command

By breathing open our hearts and anchoring this reality into our chest, we will superconsciously love ourselves in a deep level that both transcends and encompasses our conscious awareness.

3. The Gratitude Command

Instead of forcing ourselves to think about being grateful, we can drop a subconscious program of gratitude into the living vibrancy of our heart-centers. Gratitude will become automatic, natural, and effortless.

4. The Freedom Command

With this command, we drop a powerful reality into our chests of letting-go, relaxing in every moment, and resting in the freedom of our very beings. We let-go of grasping and wanting so we can experience our freedom directly.

5. The Clearing Command

We will direct the intelligent energy of our love to continuously clear the blocks to abundance that we hold in our bodies and minds. Like scrubbing bubbles of cleansing, joyous power. Having a genuine millionaire mind is impossible without clearing the blocks.

6. The Money Magnetizing Command

With this most beautiful heart-command, the center of our spiritual chests will draw into and through our lives flows of money that are vibrating with love, joy, and gratitude.

7. The Creative Ideas and Breakthroughs Command

We will open up in a deep, primal way to receive -- through our intuitive hearts -- the ideas and breakthroughs that will make a huge difference in the quality of all life everywhere.

8. The Divine Help Command

We are not alone. We have infinite spiritual resources available to us. With this command, we will continuously ask for and receive divine help in all forms to help us live and fulfill our purpose of love on this planet.

9. The Inspired Action Command

Instead of forcing, rushing, controlling, and manipulating -- we will act with relaxed faith, trust, and genuine love upon all our inspired ideas to witness all our dreams fulfilled.

10. The Million Dollar Breath of Light Command

With this command, we will use our creative breaths and our hearts to breathe millions or even billions of smiling dollars through our hearts and lives. The path to a true millionaire mind is found in learning how to harness your breath and imagination together!

11. The Calm Manifestation of Millions and Billions Command

We will heart-anchor the reality into our chests that millions or billions of high-vibrational dollars have already manifested with calmness in our lives for the greater purpose of increasing the power and potency of pure love in the world.

12. The Releasing Money Command

With this beautiful command, we will infuse into money a superconscious command of serving the greater good. We will relax, enjoy, and release our vibrating money to serve the highest and greatest good of all life everywhere.


This is a long-term process. Every day, we go deeper and persistently, repeatedly, passionately, joyously, and tenaciously anchor these commands into the center of our spiritual chests on an emotional and energetic level.

Then we just keep on keeping on.

We keep working, loving, playing, creating, believing in our sweet and sacred hearts, and keep receiving our own love.

We keep at it.

We never give up on our sacred and beautiful hearts.

The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

With this book you can master your millionaire mind by tapping into your heart. It is not a traditional book in the "normal" sense. It is an energetic interface where you literally download the Twelve Commands into your chest -- and do it in loving harmony with everyone else who are doing the same thing.

Each chapter is designed for you to tap each command deep into your chest twelve times. The practice is to breathe deeply and go through the book over and over again while energetically downloading the 12 commands into your system. Make notes. Mark it up. Place check marks every time you energetically absorb a chapter. Be tenacious, persistent, and never give up.

Even before you purchase this book -- DECIDE that you will *GET* these commands into your cells and atoms as your living truth, no matter what. Give the commands and the universe as much time as they need to fully manifest in your inner and outer life. Developing true wealth consciousness and a millionaire mind will be much easier and faster when we tap into the well of energy and emotion in our chests!

The book is $25.00 plus shipping. It is more than a book. It is an energetic mastermind that you will use for 1 to 5 years as you build and grow the heart-inspired millionaire within you. Allow two full weeks for delivery, as they are printed on demand. For every book sold, one one dollar will be donated op - which is roughly equivalent to planting one tree. As more books are sold, we can grow a forest of trees together!

Let's do this!

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